The fourslide machine has actually been around for well over a century and despite it’s long history, the fundamental design of the fourslide has not undergone much of a design metamorphosis or evolution. The fourslide is an important part of the spring and wire forming industry and it forms the foundation of the business operations and manufacturing processes of most companies in the manufacturing industries. Fourslides can also be used for producing spare parts that are originally made from ribbon or strip stock.


A good rule of thumb is if the part has a shape or multiple bends, then a fourslide is the best option to produce it. Fourslides can produce parts from wires that are as thin as .003in and also parts that measure as large as .625in thickness. Some fourslides, which are also known by many in the engineering field as multislides, have press heads built in and are capable of producing parts that are made from flat stock as narrow as .062in and as wide as 3 inches.

The fourslide machine consists of a stock straightener feed, press head, cut-off, four or more forming slides and 2 vertical levers. All these motions are cam driven in order to assure the right measure of accuracy, precision, and speed. The fourslide can also

be used for the purpose of assembling parts of tools and bringing them together to actually make a workable instrument. Fourslides are often used to make assemblies such as buckles, latches, and bucket handles, just to name a few. Tooling is usually far less expensive than progressive die tooling and due to the fact that the Fourslide or multislide has built in motions, it is a tool that can

be used for multiple purposes. The capabilities and applications that you can put a fourslide to are only limited by what you can imagine.

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